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DAS: Category A Motorbike License Barrow-in-Furness


Passing a Motorcycle Test if you’re 19-23

At 24+ you can do the Direct Access Scheme to gain a Cat A licence.


Having reached the mature and responsible age of 24 plus, you can now live the dream of big bikes with direct access to a full, unlimited Cat A licence! And don’t worry, tattoos, a large beard and a leather jacket are not essential requirements! Male or female, getting onto big bikes really is a great adventure at any stage of life. Don’t put it off any longer!

Direct Access Steps:


Find out how to ride unlimited bikes at 24+ with these simple steps. 

Swipe left or press to right arrow to continue. 

Costs and Booking

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Let us know when you’re thinking about Tests! It can be tricky getting dates from the DVSA - we can’t just get a date when we want - if only! Send us an email expressing interest and we’ll get back to you, or give us a ring. We’ll explain the options and send you some info and links, and let you know when we have a Test date. We can book you in and arrange the training when convenient.

Payment to be made within 2 days of receiving booking confirmation. Any change to the booking by the candidate will be charged a non-refundable fee of £50. 

DAS Package

The cost of the usual DAS package is £700, including a full day’s training for Mod 1 and Mod 2, plus the two test ‘days’. The package cost can be split between the two modules, so just £350 to book Mod 1. Also includes bike hire, the DVSA test fees for Mod 1 and 2.

It doesn’t include CBT and Theory Test fees. Full booking and cancellation details will be sent when you book.

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Additional Training

The ‘standard package’ can be tailored to suit your experience. Do a ‘taster’ on the big bike for a couple of hours, or do additional training before Mod 1 and Mod 2. An additional day’s training costs £220. An extra half-day costs £120. Big bike taster session: £120.

Happy to Help!

Talk to us and we can advise and answer any queries. We’re real riders so we will understand your experience and can offer you a flexible DAS route to full Cat A. We really enjoy helping people succeed at their tests and accessing the wonderful world of biking. So many different styles, flavours and types of great bikes out there! Go for it!

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