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B2B - Back to Biking in South Cumbria


Restore Your Confidence

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Let’s get back to it!

You know it’s all about the senses: the movement, the wind, the sound, the aroma, the smooth flowing bends, the freedom and fun. Not to mention the cold and the rain!

As you already know, riding a motorbike is fun! Many people start off on bikes, but get side tracked by some of the advantages of cars. Yes, windscreens, heaters and extra seats are handy, but “four wheels just move your body; two wheels move your soul”!

Riding the Dream!

You are ‘allowed’ to return to biking without having to call it a full-blown “mid-life crisis”, by the way! You’re now older, probably wiser, hopefully an experienced road user, and now is a great time to re-engage with the wonderful world of motorbiking. The technology has moved on and there are many marvellous bikes out there waiting for you, in a whole variety of flavours. Sporty fun? Big cruisers? Touring round Europe? Or just a fun and flexible commute?

Whatever is prompting your desire to get back to biking, we can work with you to restore your confidence through guided practice of the vital skills. Tell us your story and we’ll design a tailor-made session (or series) to meet your needs. We’ll help you get back into the flow.

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The Process - it’s a tailored mix of discussing, thinking, and plenty of doing.


How have bikes changed? How have you changed? How was it when you last rode? What do you think you need?

Catch Up

Revisit the vital basic skills so that most of your control inputs are ‘automatic’ again. A check for any erroneous ideas and myths about eg: brakes and stopping. Bike techniques and technology have moved on over the years. What was true isn’t always still true!

Putting it into Practice

How have the roads changed? How do you go safely round a corner? Sorting out lines, timing of braking, acceleration etc. What we now know about accidents and how to avoid them has also improved. We/them can get things wrong - how to ride with good awareness. No surprise - no accident!


Getting back on a bike is all about re-calibration - getting the feel of it again at a pace that’s right for you and with clear guidance. Re-learning with guidance is better than hoping to survive using the ‘trial and error’ approach!

Aiming For

Smooth, efficient fun, with a handy margin for error. Riding round scaring yourself is not good. Being in control, smooth and happy is really great!

Designed Around You

Think about what you feel you need. How ‘rusty’ are your bike skills? Do you need a complete rebuild, a restoration, or some polishing?

We’re happy to discuss ideas with you and develop a plan that will meet your needs. You can start again on a small bike or straight on a big one. Start your riding with some off-road practice? We can do just a couple of hours, a full day, or a series of sessions - more than one bite of the cherry can be good. Time to reflect and consolidate. And we can adapt the plan as we go. If you find you’re not as rusty as you thought - great!

Contact us for advice and let’s get riding!

B 2 B training assumes you have a full Cat A licence, good health, and can read a licence plate from 20m. If you don’t hold a full Cat A licence then see our DAS page: Direct Access Scheme.

B 2 B = Back to biking, or possibly it’s Born to Boogie!

Back to Biking Prices

real rider motorcycle training b2b 3.jpg

Based on half or full days, and tailored packages to suit you. Working on a 1 to 1 basis.

  • Usual daily rate of £250 including bike hire. Using your own bike £200

  • Half day rate of £120 with our bike, or £100 with yours.

Payment in advance and the usual 8 day minimum cancellation for a 90% refund. Cancellation with less than 8 days notice and any refund is at our sole discretion. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can put a course together that meets your exact needs.

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