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Advanced Motorbike Training around Barrow-in-Furness


We can always improve

A Chance To Be Safer And Have More Fun

There are different definitions of advanced out there. Here at Real Riders we don’t offer training that will lead to a badge or ticket but we do offer a chance to take stock, solve any issues and improve how you ride. A chance to be safer and have more fun by being more aware of your skills and utilising the information available.

Our training is based on the great clarity and wisdom of Kevin Williams of Survival Skills training who is one of the best writers and instructors for motorbike riding in the UK (down south!). After years of studying and learning from his refreshing approach and clarity of ideas, we can share his approach with you. We recommend you get a copy of his really great book Tarmac Tactics.

“Advanced” training is available to anyone with a full licence, whether that’s A2 or A. Based on using your own bike and helping you ride it better! Fun, informative and useful courses with agreed, clear goals and working with you to improve your skills, understanding and actual riding. Some popular themes are described below but we can tailor it to you.

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Advanced: Improvement and Problem Solving

A one or two day course designed to address your specific riding issues. Perhaps you took your full licence test (A2 or A) not so long ago and would like a session to continue to improve your riding now you’ve had some experience of your own to build on. Perhaps you have a recurring problem or issue with a specific aspect of riding, which you’d like help to solve.

Advanced: Skilful and Advanced Bends

A one or two day course providing new insight into riding the bends. A great chance to explore machine control skills covering braking, steering and stability. How to read the bend using the ‘point and squirt’ technique and reference points for the machine inputs. Accurate steering and good throttle control. Improving your performance on bends - how to corner well.

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Advanced: Reading the road and Advanced Anticipation

How to really spot all the clues and cues we need to understand when and where we need to put the bike. Utilising the excellent new approach to rider safety from the No Surprise - No Accident group. Understanding how our brains perceive the world, how we can avoid the obvious traps, and improve our prediction of future events.

A two day course covering a wide variety of roads and exploring the common situations where accidents happen. How to predict a possible problem. How to avoid being surprised! Really useful, profound yet simple knowledge to help keep you safe. Examining the Top 10 Motorcycle Accidents and how to avoid them!

Advanced: Urban Riding

Identifying risks, managing risks, avoiding all the ‘usual’ accident types. The mental cues and clues to actively search for. SMIDSYs, filtering, heavy traffic, commuting. Urban survival. Checking the machine control skills for evasion and slow manoeuvring. How to SEE: search, evaluate and evade those hazards! Crazy roundabouts and weird junctions. A one day course to really improve your urban riding. How to identify and avoid hazardous situations, and how to get out of trouble.

Advanced: Specific Modules

A half or one day looking at specific areas. Chose from: bad weather riding, night riding, motorways, great machine control, assessment ride, or your particular own topic.

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Are you “Advanced”?

Let us know which area you’d like to work on and we can put the specifics together for you. “Advanced” doesn’t involve a couple of ‘secret’ techniques. It is all about improving the vital key skills and knowing how to use them on the ever changing road environment. Our courses utilise the latest thinking about road safety which will give you plenty of practical tips to identify the clues and cues to keep you safer, be more in tune with your bike, and have fun. Advanced observations and thinking, plus getting all the essential skills right is what really good riding is all about. That’s what makes “advanced” riders really good ones! Are you ‘advanced’?

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