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Compulsory Basic Training
Info & Terms & Conditions

What is it?

A basic introduction to riding a two wheeled machine on the road. Plenty more to learn, practice and gain safe experience.

Training takes place with instructors Denis Hetherington or Andy White. 

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Is it a Test? Do I have to pass it?

It’s a training course, we will help you learn what you need to know and do.
There is, however, a required standard to meet. By the end of the road ride, you need to be showing:

  • good control of the machine,

  • a reasonable understanding of the road system

  • good basic habits of observing, signalling and

  • manoeuvring

  • responding correctly to other road users

  • minimising risk to yourself

All the above can be summed up as: are you safe enough to continue riding on your own?

What’s involved?

There are 5 elements to CBT done in this order.

  1. Introduction, appropriate gear, licence & eyesight check. Read a no. plate @ 20m

  2. Getting to know the bike: controls and basic maintenance. Simple handling.

  3. On-site riding: getting good control of the machine, practicing basic manoeuvres, junctions and emergency stops.

  4. Road ride discussion: highway code knowledge, hazards and factors affecting us on the road, how to minimise risk.

  5. Riding on the road. 2 hours starting simply, covering a variety of situations, progressing to independent riding

Can I hire a bike?

Yes. 16+ a twist & go moped. 17+ a moped or a 125cc geared bike. Includes a helmet & gloves.

Can I use my own bike?

Yes, so long as it’s legal, roadworthy, taxed, insured and reliable. You will need to arrange how to get it to our site. Can’t ride it there without a valid CBT!

How many people will be doing it?

A max of 4 for the off-road elements. A max of 2 per instructor for the road ride.

What do I need to bring?
  1. Your UK licence: DVLA issued photo card.

  2. Suitable clothing to cope with the weather 

  3. Enough layers and/or thick, strong material to give you some protection in the event of a fall. Minimum of jeans, good jacket, and some sort of boots: motorcycling, work, or hill. Thin canvas trainers, tracksuit type clothes, and thin layers give no protection & are not good.

  4. Some food and drink to keep you going

  5. The answers to the Highway Code quiz

  6. Good eyesight or glasses if you need them

Where is it?

Vickerstown Football Club, Mill Lane, Walney.

Google Maps:
What 3 Words:

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What time? And how long?

We start punctually at 8.45, if you’re quite late and miss enough of the first element, then you won’t be able to do the day. Please be on time.
An average finish time is 2.30-3.00, about 5-6 hrs

What if I don’t reach the required standard?

If you or your instructor don’t feel you’re safe enough to go on the road, you will need to come back again and repeat the morning, and then ride.
If you aren’t judged to be safe while on the road, then discuss with your instructor what you need.
We do need to make a charge to cover the costs of more training but not the full amount.


To finalise your booking, full payment must be received within 2 days after you have received your booking confirmation.

Your booking is not finalised until paid for. Bank transfer is easiest - Real Rider, a/c 68744230, sort code 08-92-50.
The cost is £125, with your own bike. Bike hire is £25, inc. helmet & gloves, so total is £150 using our bike.
If you need to pay with cash, put it in an envelope with your name on. Drop it off at Partsville, New St, Barrow-in-Furness. 


To cancel your CBT notify us by email or phone, but the following apply:

  • Cancel with at least 8 days notice prior to your CBT, full refund less £25 admin charge.

  • Cancel with less than 8 days notice, 50% of the total cost will be refunded.

  • Cancel on the day of your CBT and there will be no refund.

Any module 1 or module 2 tests that are cancelled will be charged a minimum administration charge of 10%.

Annual Leave

When the instructors are on annual leave it must be accepted by candidates that annual leave means they are not contactable until they return to the office. This is non-negotiable. 

To take part & to ride on the road
  • You must present your current, valid, UK photo card licence at the start of your CBT. If you have an old style paper licence, bring it and a passport or some form of photographic ID. We need to know it’s you.

  • If your licence is not valid you would be riding illegally, you will not be insured, and you are fully responsible for any legal, financial and insurance consequences.

  • You must be able to meet the legal eyesight minimum, which will be tested at the start. You must be able to read a number plate from 20m. If you need glasses to do this you must wear them when you ride.

  • You must be physically fit and able to ride: not influenced by drink, drugs, or any health issues. Don’t have a “heavy night” the night before! If your instructor believes you are under the influence your CBT will be cancelled with no refund.

  • You must have some sort of thick clothing, and you accept full responsibility for the suitability of your clothing, and any consequences of a fall. Fluffy or thin clothes are really poor as offer no protection.

  • Your instructor will do their best to ensure your safety while off and on road. You must follow their instructions and do your best to stay safe. You must realise and accept that riding a two wheel machine on the road carries some risk. Like anything, it can never be 100% safe. If you do not listen to your instructor and you crash, we will not be held responsible. We are there to help! If you do not listen to your instructor and you crash, we will not be held responsible. We are there to help!

    We do not come to work to argue or take any disrespect from clients. 
    We always do our best to provide great service, but only if this is treated with due respect.

  • Our insurance covers your use of our bikes for CBT. It covers the legal requirements for riding on the road, as long as you have a licence. It does not include personal accident cover for yourself.

  • Any damage to our bikes, major or minor, must be paid for in full. 
    If in the opinion of any RealRider Instructor the rider is deemed to be unsafe and/or continually drops the bike the training session will be stopped and no refund will be given. Damage to the bikes will not be tolerated and must be paid for.


If your instructor believes you do not meet the above conditions, your training will be cancelled and no monies refunded. If you do not accept the above conditions, cancel your booking asap.


We hope for a good training session and wish you well on your 2 wheeled journey.

Good luck.

Let’s ride.

Helpful Hint: If you’re young and new to the road system, get some ‘training’ from your parents when having a
lift in their car. Discuss junctions, roundabouts, signs, markings etc. Where should I position, what speed is ok,
what hazards are ahead, should I go or slow, or stop? Where do I need to look? Ask them & think about it!


If you have any issues, speak to your instructor or email / phone the office. We would always do our best to
resolve any issue as we always want to produce happy clients. If you’ve enjoyed your training, please tell your
friends and leave positive feedback on our Facebook or Google pages. And expressing positive thoughts to
your instructor is always welcome.
We are a DVSA Approved Training Body, providing CBT and training for tests. We always do our best to be
flexible but we must meet the standards laid down by the DVSA, and the legal rules that exist.

Thank you for reading this far. Riding is fun, but it has many legal and safety factors to consider.

Any questions, please email or call 0330 111 7613
Real Rider Motorcycle Training, Company No. OC403082,

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