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CBT in Barrow-in-Furness


Compulsory Basic Training

C.B.T. The first step on the road to biking
Compulsory: everyone has to do it
Basic: enough to get you going, plenty more to discover
Training: it’s not a test, we’re here to help you learn!

The Course Covers

CBT is a basic introduction to motorcycling. Training takes place with instructors Denis Hetherington or Andy White. 

Before riding anything on the road you must complete this training course. It’s really quite useful to have some training and great fun to get going! If you have any concerns, please give us a ring and we can discuss any queries you have. CBT is a fun introduction to riding, with a max group size of 4 with no pressure to whizz round madly! Car drivers usually do well getting to grips with a geared bike, and their road knowledge is usually better than most 16 yr olds on the mopeds! It’ll be fun whatever level you’re at!

Full details are in the Info Pack which we’ll email to you, but as a quick guide: CBT takes place most weekends and Wednesdays at our Vickerstown Football Club site on Mill Lane, map below. Start time is 8.45am Check our online diary for availability! Email us with name, which machine, and best date.

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  • what protective gear is & does for us

  • simple maintenance checks

  • off-road practice of basic control skills, plus some manoeuvres, junctions & emergency stops

  • discussion of road procedure, rules and reducing risk

  • a min 2 hour road ride, in radio contact with your instructor who will help and guide you


Start time is 8.45am. Finish varies: about 3pm. How long it takes depends on your experience and how you learn, we can spend time as needed.

The course typically lasts 5 hours, but can be more or less depending on your experience. By the end you need to have demonstrated you’re safe enough to continue learning on your own. Not everyone gets it in one day. If you need more practice you can return and complete it. If you’re new to the road - do some research, read the Highway Code, watch other road users, make sure you understand the basics of road layouts and markings.

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What You Need To Bring
  • Your valid photo card licence (See if you need to get one!)

  • Reasonable clothing to cope with the weather and the possibility of falling off!

  • Thick clothes, at least jeans, and some sort of boots.

  • Thin canvas trainers will give your feet no protection at all.

  • We can provide you with a helmet and gloves, or use your own if you have them.


CBT training area on Mill Lane just before LA14 3NN

real rider motorcycle training map.png

Booking your CBT

  • CBT course costs £135, using your own bike as long as it is roadworthy, reliable, legal and insured.

  • If you need a bike, hire ours for only £25 (this includes helmet and gloves)

  • At 16 you can hire a twist and go 50cc moped

  • At 17+ you can hire either a moped or a 125cc geared bike

If you have your own bike that’s fine as long as it is roadworthy, reliable, legal and you can get it to the site. Don’t forget you can’t ride it to Walney without a current CBT certificate. It must be insured for use on CBT - check with your insurer, most will cover its use on CBT.

Please read our full CBT Terms here.

To book your CBT please email: your name, your availability, and which machine you’d be using, to 

We’ll email you all the booking info with full details of the course and how you can prepare for your CBT.

We’ll then need full payment to confirm the booking.

You can either send a bank transfer or you can drop cash off at Partville, New Street, Barrow. If you really need to cancel: cancellation is possible up to 8 days in advance, with a full refund except for a £25 admin fee.

If you cancel less than 8 days before your booking we will only refund 50% of your payment.

No refund will be made if you cancel on the day of your CBT.

If You're A Car Driver - Did you Know?

If you passed your full car test before Feb 2001 - you probably already have a full moped licence: Cat P or AM, have a look at your licence. This is for mopeds only though: max 50cc. If you’ve never ridden it’s probably still a good idea to do CBT. See here: cbt-if-you-have-a-car-driving-licence To ride more than 50cc, you are riding as a learner, you must do CBT and it’s only valid for 2 years. You can only ride a maximum of 125cc as a learner. To ride more you have to take a test.

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